Diamond tools

In Querceta, Diamar is a landmark for the production and supply of diamond tools for marble processing. Marble workers around the world rely on our company's ten-year long experience, which ensures high performance, effective and efficient products.

Tools for marble cutting

The range of tools for marble workers produced by our company includes various tools for cutting, such as grinding wheels, disks, burs, pads, drill bits and beads with diamond wire. The discs have a diamond edge and are used for cutting, grooving and grinding operations. The cutting operations can be conducted with or without water and therefore are defined wet or dry. The diamond wires, on the other hand, consist of a steel cable with small cylinders, called beads, which cleave and detach the marble blocks. The number of beads depends on the type of material to be worked on and is generally comprised of 26 to 40 per meter.

The company Diamar produces these very useful tools using cutting-edge technology that allows the production of both the plasticized or rubberized version, and that with spring assembly and dry cutting.

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