Diamond burs

Diamond burs are tools used for the processing, finishing, shaping and drilling of different types of marble, stone and granite. They are used specifically to shape stone, marble and granite up to the smallest detail. In fact there are numerous artisan, artistic and marble workshops that rely on the experience of Diamar to better refine their work... to give life to their ideas!

If you wish to receive a quote or request more details about the cutters produced by our company, do not hesitate to contact us: you can call the phone number 0584742172 or write an email to info@diamar.it. As an alternative, in the "Contact" page there is also a form available that you can easily fill in to send us your requests.


The diamond cutter is used on extremely hard materials, such as stones, marble, granite, stoneware, ceramic and terracotta. It has a long life due to the high resistance of the diamond coating.

It is recommended to always cool the tool with water while working
(otherwise its duration would be reduced by about 10%).

For use with screwdrivers connected to power lines, current regulations must be followed to provide the necessary protection.
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