Diamond wire

Diamond wire is one of the flagship products of Diamar, a cable of a few millimeters in diameter assembled with diamond beads that can be used in any environment, from high mountaintops to underwater environments, and for the most diverse applications. The diamond wire is essential for quarrying, squaring and shaping marble, stone, cement, reinforced concrete with single or multi-wire machines.
With this product we want to guarantee our customers:
  • Better surface finish
  • Absence of vibrations
  • Silence
  • Precision
  • Speed of cutting
All with a substantial reduction in costs, as well as energy, water and time.

The staff of Diamar srl is always ready to provide technical advice. We are at the complete disposal of our customers to advise and direct them in choosing the most suitable product for their processing needs.


In 2010 we successfully introduced the diamond wire for dry cutting. The use of diamonds combined with a special assembly has allowed us to make a suitable diamond wire in cases where water is scarce and is therefore a considerable cost for the quarries, or where there are problems of pollution of groundwater, countries with temperatures constantly below zero or desert where water is considered a luxury item.
Water problems are now of central importance for the future of humanity. The management of water resources is increasingly placed in a global context of unjust social relations and is a source of national and international conflicts, so we believe it is essential to include the concept of savings, not only in terms of money, but in our customers' mentality, while also saving and protecting the environment and the resources we have available. We are sure that you will appreciate our way of thinking.
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