Diamar Made in Italy

The company was founded in the late eighties in a strategic geographical location full of undoubted charm. Just 3 kilometers from the beautiful coast of Versilia and framed by the white mountains of the precious Carrara marble, Diamar is managed by Daniele Salini, who employs a young, expert staff who actively participate in the company mission: develop high-quality diamond tools for marble processing.

Diamar has always been, and will always remain, a small company that guarantees its customers a high quality product, the Electrodeposited diamond tool. To ensure that the diamond is uniformly distributed on the surface of each tool, several checks are needed, as well as patience, time, experience and above all passion, that same passion that transforms work into something fun and enjoyable.
"No matter how insignificant the thing you have to do, do it as well as you can, give it as much of your care and attention as you would give to the thing you regard as most important.

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